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What Our Customers Are Saying

Even after moving out of the area, I still travel the 15 minutes to go to this laundromat because of how nice and clean this place is.

Very nice laundromat! Clean and very well maintained. Comfortable environment with great staff...

The owners keep this place clean. There are are various sized washers that work extremely well. The agitation doesn't dwindle if your use their larger washers; you can wash larger loads and be done fairly quickly. I definitely recommend this place.

Highly recommend this laundromat. Very clean and well lit. Lots of carts that roll well. A nice choice of dryer size.

My go to place to do laundry. They have good working washer and dryers. Place is always nice and clean inside. Excellent customer service if you need it. They will wash and fold clothes for you if you for a fee.

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